I have a medium skin color, can I use Japanese liquid blush?

Having a medium skin color, sometimes Japanese cosmetics scares me in a sense of will-I-going-to-able-to-wear-it-or-not. When I first saw liquid blush in here, I was surprised. The color looks very pigmented! But then, I keep coming back. I found myself questioning, "Maybe I can make it work...?". And to answer the question, yes you can! … Continue reading I have a medium skin color, can I use Japanese liquid blush?

Affordable Japanese Makeup

Today, I want to write about Japanese makeup brand that is affordable! 1. Canmake (キャンメイク)Website: https://www.canmake.com/Price range: ¥180~¥900Where to find: Drug store, cosmetics area on not-so-expensive department store, online cosmetics store.If we talk about affordable Japanese makeup, the first brand that comes in mind must be canmake! The price point for their product are always … Continue reading Affordable Japanese Makeup

Makeup vocabulary in Japanese

In Japan, makeup in general divided into 2 category, base makeup and color makeup. Base makeup product are those to enhance our base / skin around face and neck area. Meanwhile color makeup are those for decorative purpose. Interestingly enough, in Japan nails product are fall into color makeup category. ベースメイク (be-su-me-i-ku) = base makeup … Continue reading Makeup vocabulary in Japanese