About Me

Female, was 21 eight years ago, Tokyo.

Hello, I’m Airin!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I would like to introduce a little about me on this page. I was born in Sydney, Australia, almost three decades ago. And then moving to Jakarta, Indonesia not long after being born and growing up right there. Always a cheerful kids whose really into drawing and painting since elementary school.

The first time I got introduced with skincare world was when I was in university. At that time, my close friend introduced me to a 3 step skincare routine with Hadalabo gokujyun product which is consist of face wash, lotion, and milk lotion. Even though it was a very simple routine, it was improving the skin condition.

On my third job, I got opportunity to work in an industry that make me always paying attention of new skincare & beauty product releases, test it, and make an editorial review. Even though I didn’t work at that job anymore, the habit of always on alert for new product releases somewhat still remain.

Currently, I live in Tokyo and get surrounded with many interesting skincare & beauty products. It motivates me to write a review again, and that’s the reason why I create this blog. My most favorite skincare brand right now are Aesop and Shiseido. Meanwhile for beauty (cosmetics) brand, I enjoy wearing Laura Mercier on daily basis.