Fashionable Fruit Sandwich

Fruit sandwich (or fruit sando) is a Japanese-style sandwich that is filled with fruits and whipped cream. You can find it on a fruit parlor, supermarket, or konbini. Usually a pack of fruit sando are filled with one to four kind of fruit. Strawberry, orange, and banana are the easiest fruit sando variant(?) you can find in konbini and supermarket. Fruit sando has similar flavor with cake, but since it’s using bread instead of cake, somehow it taste a little bit lighter.

You can buy fruit sando pretty much every where, but today I decided to purchase one from a shop I’ve been curious about. I find this shop because their online shop was listed on sankou design. I was like, oh cute, let me click. I was interested and planning to order it online, but then always missed the reservation (they have limited delivery slot).

So today, after done with my lunch and walk around midtown for a little bit, I was thinking, you know what, let’s make a quick stop at Ebisu to check out what they have today.

What set this fruit sando shop different from other?

They are……… vegan!

The store was called Fruits and Season. They sell vegan fruit sandwich. They didn’t use eggs or (animal-based) milk on their products. The bread and the whipped cream are using soy milk.

What is also interesting is, the store didn’t accept cash. I was confused at first because if anything, it’s usually the other way around lol. Don’t forget to bring your card if you want to stop by.

I bought the kiwi one. It was ¥720. They offer ice pack if you need one. Judging from how it looks, I know it’s going to be delicious right away. I was thinking it would be sour since it’s kiwi (in a good way) but it’s actually have a good balance. The kiwi isn’t sour and the whipped cream isn’t too sweet.

I think it’s a good fruit sando as a snack or for tea time.

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