Dear airin,

Today is one of the many hard day that you’ve experience in your life. You called it ‘emotional turbulence’. Your heart feels shaky. Time is frozen but running low at the same time.

You understand that 364 from 365 days of your life a year always felt like this. The fear, the low confidence, the anxious feeling inside your heart. It’s nothing new. Someday you can face it, sometimes you can’t.

Usually you will pick up a new hobby or something new to learn to distract yourself. This time, however, the overwhelming feeling are bigger than usual, and the first thing you do is took yourself away from others.

I understand you might not want to think about it right now. And that’s okay, you’ll meet your psychiatrist anyway tomorrow, so you’ll be able to find a neutral place to communicate.

You’ll be fine. Thank you for taking care your heart today.

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