Around a month ago, YouTube recommended this video on my timeline.

credit: ODG YouTube channel

I wasn’t aware who is the guest star on this video at first, but the video seems interesting so I play it anyway. Right before Kyuhyun-san reveal the band name (on the video) I realize that they are Super Junior!

The story telling aspect on this video hooked me right away. I really enjoy the way they explain their historical timeline through their discography to a kids. The awkward moment was filled perfectly with Jaws sound effect, make it even more awkward.

I firstly introduced to K-pop by my classmate when I was in grade 11. She is a quiet and smart person, but her eyes will sparks when you ask her about the music she’s currently listening to. And one of them is K-pop. She will gladly explain everything you’d like to know and basically someone you could refer to if you had any question about K-pop.

I wasn’t really understand K-pop at that time but I was glad that there are Asian Idols that could be role model for us, the teenagers at that current time. I think I was able to recall Super Junior because their “Sorry, sorry” songs. The song title was in english and the music are pretty catchy, so it’s easy to remember.

After watching ODG video, Super Junior release a new single “House Party”. The song (in my personal opinion) is very SuJu, pretty catchy, and the lyrics are really relevant with our current situation. Also, seems like these guys didn’t get old didn’t they?

YouTube timeline start to recommending more SuJu content. And I start to be hooked even more, adding their songs to my Spotify playlist, and try to buy their merch (but one that I like was released on previous concert and it’s hard to get it).

As I consuming more SuJu content, I start to like them more, trying to find more information about each member, even watching some Korean variety show I never thought I would watch before. My favorite thing about SuJu, they do a lot of event in Japan, and there will be a translator, translating what they said into Japanese. So I get to learn while watching something that is currently fun.

This is my favorite video of SuJu’s concert on the internet. If you are under 18, please watch it with parental supervision.

I’m 21 eight years ago so I pass.

I like this concert video the most because they really push the boundaries. Like, they could be everything they want to be, including a rockstar. Their stamina for this performance was superb, and it looks like an EDM party rather than a boy band concert!

credit: Super Junior (and teukienickie YouTube channel)

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