(Music) streaming apps of choice

There are three music streaming apps that I have on my phone. I want to write what I thought about it, because in case in some kind of future the algorithm bring us together, I want you to have a better judgement in case you are considering to subscribe to one of this app.

Disclaimer: This is a personal review and not sponsored in any shape or perform.


Usage fee: ¥980/month (Free trial premium account for a month, there are students, couples, and family packages)

(+): Easy to understand UI, pioneer in dark mode, good songs recommendations.

(-): Their horizontal scroll is cool, but sometimes it’s too long and not fast enough it makes my thumb tired. Sometimes I wonder if the thumbnail image for albums/artist that is featured for the horizontal scroll could be smaller so it could fit more lol.

I use Spotify on daily basis. It’s the first music streaming app that I ever use. I think the sound quality is good for average music consumer like me. Might be less amazing if you are very particular for your music quality. I still enjoy it though.

But, the reason I use Spotify, actually isn’t because their streaming quality or sound quality. It’s because when you hit the pause button, the volume will turn down slowly😅. It’s like hover effect but for your ears. I think it’s very comfortable and somehow natural for your hearing.

YouTube music

Usage fee: ¥980/month, free if you have YouTube premium account

(+): integrated with your YouTube account, so you don’t need many accounts to manage everything.

(-): Maybe I already pre-occupied with idea that YouTube is a video player (lol) and wonder why I need different app to play a same content.

I think they create this app to extend/diversified their customers. To be fair, long time ago, when you are still able to minimize your YouTube on your mobile browser tab, I use YouTube for listening a lot of music (Because the YouTube video will still playing while you browse). And then they stop that ability, and not long after that, they release YouTube music. Too bad at that time I decided to transitioning to Spotify.

Apple Music

Usage fee: ¥980/month (free for the first 3 months, there’s family packages)

(+): They are not playing for their quality! You can also purchase a song or an album from iTunes Store and play it on Apple Music. Which I think will be a good options for those who prefer to purchase rather than streaming.

I’ve been thinking to switch to Apple Music for their Apple One (I think it’s what it’s called) plan. I think it’s super affordable. ¥1,100 for 4 apps (Apple Tv, iCloud, music, and Game Center). The biggest bottleneck is only Spotify pause function. I probably already onboard for Apple One if only Apple Music had the same feature on their pause function 😅

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