If I ever have a cosmetics products, I want one of the shade name to be ‘Strawberry’. Maybe not plainly strawberry, but has to do with strawberry. I imagine a lip products such as a gloss will be cool!

Whenever I saw strawberry, (usually at the supermarket) I can’t help myself but having a heartwarming feeling. Psychologist-wise, maybe it has to do with their bright red, cheerful color. It bring happiness.

I was born in suburb Sydney. From pictures that I saw on the internet, it seems like it was a really lively place to live.

One day I was doing my regular google deep dive and somehow the thoughts of my birth place come up very sudden. I type my hospital name on the search tab and it brings out some results, including some Wikipedia pages.

Thanks to internet, now it’s really easy to see a place without physically being there.

I read their history section, and found out that the hospital was located in an area that initially called ‘Strawberry Hills’. The area was named after their early use as a farmland where fruits are cultivated.

The area names are now changed to Surry Hills.

After knowing a little bit history about my birth place, I found a new connection with strawberry. It feels like I could find an old friend of mine, or a family member, everywhere 😊

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