Affordable mascara that could compare to the expensive one

A few times ago, I wrote a post about some of my favorite makeup product, and one of them is a mascara from Shu Uemura. It’s called Ultimate Natural Mascara. I bought it because it was a hypoallergenic mascara. It’s a really good mascara, comfortable for 6+ hours wears, and waterproof.

But unfortunately, the price wasn’t the most wallet friendly 😅 (But not the most expensive mascara I ever saw in my life though, I believe Dior mascara are way more expensive).

So I wonder if there’s some product that is close enough but with more affordable price tag.

I have seen this product at @cosme website (a website dedicated for beauty products review in here) for a little bit. And one day, on one of my random trip to tomods, I decided to pick up the mascara and bring it back home with me.

It’s dejavu lash up mascara. It’s ¥1,320 (including tax). The packaging is purple, and it looks and feel pretty slim. It’s very light weight somehow and not feel bulky at all.

I was surprised when I open it for the first time. It has a really really really thin brush and wand. If you compare it with other mascara, it will be pretty clear how different it is.

I try to wear it on my eyelash and it looks really good! It’s lengthening but looks really natural. Not clumpy at all (probably because of the thin brush), and works as wonderful as the shu uemura one!

I wear it for approximately 6 hours and still feel comfortable by the end of the day. A liiiiiitle bit itchy but not as itchy as if I wear maybelline or heroine mascara by the end of the day.

The only downside that I experienced with this product is the hurdle to take it off 😂 I use Muji cleansing oil to take off my makeup. Usually, the product will break down really easy, but not for this one. Even though I let the oil sit for a little bit, it’s not melting right away. I need to clean it twice before it’s completely gone.

I have a pretty good experience to wear it so it’s still a good mascara!

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