Rom&nd and B IDOL Eyeshadow quad comparison

Eyeshadow quad is one of the easiest makeup products to buy besides lipstick, in my opinion. They are pretty affordable, usually consists of a good color selection that is easy to mix and match, and you can create many looks depending of what would you like to wear today.

Korean cosmetics currently on trend among the younger. Usually they have a very interesting packaging that looks and feel cute, fresh, and feminine.

From packaging perspective, I really like Korean cosmetics. But you know, we, girls that are blessed with pigment, should careful when picking eyeshadow color so that it will not appear like we are wearing a chalk on our eyelids.

I forget when I saw this product for the first time (probably instagram eh), but I know right away that I finally found Korean cosmetics that I could possibly wear. It’s rom&nd BETTER THAN EYES in dry buckwheat flower.

Rom&nd itself are pretty popular for their juicy tint.

I bought the eyeshadow from one of online depaco in here. When the product arrived at my place, I really like it. The eyeshadow looks cute, the packaging looks cute, and everything is just pretty as much as I expected. But then I start to think if maybe there’s some product I can use as a comparison.

I try to find another eyeshadow quad that I think could compare with rom&nd. And… it’s B Idol The Eye Palette! I choose the color Honmei no buraun (Favorite Brown) as it’s available at the AEON near my house. It’s a brand from NMB48 members, Yoshida Akari.

Rom&nd and B IDOL eyeshadow side by side

Right of the bet, I think the packaging design is pretty much the same. However, they use different finish for their cover. Rom&nd use a transparent and glossy finish for their cover, meanwhile B Idol use a matte finish.

But how about the eyeshadow formula?

I don’t expect pigmentation from both of the products, but they both surprisingly have a decent pigmentation! I think Rom&nd eyeshadow has a little bit dryer formula, meanwhile B Idol eyeshadow feels more buttery. Rom&nd eyeshadow consist of 3 matte eyeshadow and 1 glitter eyeshadow that has pretty noticeable glitter particle. Meanwhile B Idol eyeshadow consists of 1 matte eyeshadow, 2 satin eyeshadow, and 1 shimmer eyeshadow.

I try to follow how their apply their eyeshadow from their image gallery and this is how it looks. I think Rom&nd eyeshadow make my eyes look longer, meanwhile the B IDOL eyeshadow make my eyes looks rounder.

I think both of them looks good!

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