Things that recently make my life easier

I don’t have many, but there are two things that I would like to recommend!

  1. Hand-wave sensor trash can

This is life-changing and I will never look back lol. I never know life could be that easy now that you only need to wave your hand to open the trash can! Right now, I only use a small, cheap one for amazon (that sometimes will open when I push my air conditioner button idkw lol). But I know when I, maybe, have a more spacious place one day, I want to have a nicer one!

2. Musenmai

Musenmai is a no-wash / free rinse rice that you could buy in here. I know about this rice from one of my housemate. One day I saw her cook this type of rice and was like, wait you didn’t wash your rice?? And she told me not to worried about it since their is no need to wash the rice. I start to use it for myself a few months ago. The supermarket near my house sell it so I decided to give it a try. I still find myself washing the rice once though, just because lol.

Things that I notice was different from regular rice, when you already cook it, the rice get harder rather easy than the regular rice. It also has a slight different of sweetness but I think unless you’re really paying attention for your rice, you might didn’t notice about it!

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