Fancy iPhone for clumsy people

Last month marked as one year anniversary of me and my phone. My other phone at that time, 6S, was really in a bad condition. It’s a fair usage, but the battery was really dying it need to be charged every two hours. I understand that sooner or later I will have to buy a new phone. When I’m starting to collect the decision, I’m checking with my phone provider first if it’s going to be okay if I switch phone (I get the previous phone from signing up for a phone service with the provider). After getting a green light that I don’t have to specifically buying phone under some/any conditions that is tie to the provider, I’m starting to think about what kind of phone I should purchase.

There are many options in the phone market, but I understand that I need to have a phone that could support what I’m doing. I was thinking either to go with something mediocre or something with a super performance.

And I choose the latter.

If I think about it again, it’s a really brave decision lol. I just come to the apple store once, and come back the next day to buy it. I decided to buy it mainly for the phone color Retina display.

People said when you bought something fancy, you’ve become accustomed with it and it becomes your new standard. From many purchase that I have done, this phone hold a really good value so far. It’s fast, it’s perfect size for my liking (I don’t really like a big phone), and the screen is super sharp.

Am I having a major fear I will shatter the screen? Absolutely! I’m having a fear that I’m going to shatter the screen as soon as I walked out from the store. The first time I drop it on the floor was 3 weeks after I have it. I think I try to pull it, and forget it was still charging, and it landed on the floor screen-first. I was like, okay this is it, time to collect every cable plus the box and having that walk of shame to the Apple store.

But surprisingly, everything is fine! I was surprised too lol. Many bungee-jumping drops later, the phone is still going strong. It makes me glad that I made a correct decision to purchase something that is as strong as brick.

And I called it my Shrek phone 😊

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