Must-have condiments

Some people didn’t really get this kind of this information inherited from their parents, so today I want to be your internet mom and share some condiments that you could stock for your kitchen.


Great for all-purpose seasoning. Pretty light on taste so didn’t really have to worried it will over powering the main star of the dishes.

Sugar and salt

When you need more kick in salty or sweet flavor. I use more sugar actually, as a substitute of mirin and sake to replicate the gentle sweetness of Japanese dishes, as I’m not able to use condiments with alcohol ingredients.

Neutral flavor oil (such as canola or olive oil)

Great for pan-frying seafood/fish dishes.


The all-purpose soup base and the umami flavor enhancer.

Garlic (actual garlic, not the powder one)

I used to think I could use garlic powder for saving time, but it makes my throat itchy, so I change to the actual garlic.

Black pepper

To give a hint of spiciness.

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