Four colors of shoes that you need to have

This is a classic rule of what color of shoes model have to bring to their onsite location of photo shoot or runway show, that I think is also practical for everyone’s life.

The reason why model need to prepare their own shoes with this color selection, even for just-in-case reasons, is because wardrobe malfunctions happened.

Unfortunately, the photo shoot or runway show will not be canceled just because someone didn’t get a right shoes. Usually, if it’s just a size problem, it’s not going to be that big of a deal if a shoes is too big on model feet. We can use tissue, newspapers, or whatever resources we can find lying around to make things work. But it’s going to be a disaster if a shoes is too small. It’s not going to look good both on camera or in person (if you are in a runway show).

Therefore, models needs to prepare each one pair of shoes in this color selection. If disaster happened, at least they could wear their own shoes, and at the very least, we know it will fit on their own feet. In model context, especially the runway one, the shoes are meant to be in high heels. But in this article context, it could be based on your choice for everyday’s shoes. For example: I like pumps, so I have pumps in this color selection.

  1. Black

Black is the staple color that you absolutely need to have. It could fit both formal and informal occasion. Black is also really easy to mix and match and never really goes wrong even though you wear a color that is contrast to black for your outfit.

2. Light brown or nude

Light brown or nude color shoes are really useful when you want to bring attention to your outfit. It could wash out the attention from your feet and make people focus on your outfit.

3. Dark brown

Dark brown are useful when you want to look simple. It less formal than black, but still has it’s formal feeling.

4. White

White is a color that could act neutral like black, but it doesn’t offer flexibility as far as black. For example you can’t really wear white in most formal occasion that is related with mourning. You also might didn’t want to wear white in a place that is muddy or potentially have some puddle.

I like white shoes myself, as it could go well with many outfit. It’s just the occasion that we need to consider on whether or not we could wear white.

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