Simple dashi recipe

Dashi is one of the basic ingredients in every Japanese recipe. It’s a stock that been used to emphasize umami flavor on Japanese dishes. Almost every Japanese food that I know use dashi in the process of making.

In this post, I would like to teach you how to make awasedashi. This is the very basic, all-purpose dashi that you can use as a basic ingredients for almost everything.

For one serving, you are going to need:
1. Water (150~180ml x amount of serving)
2. Konbu – kelp (1 strip x amount of serving)
3. Katsuobushi – Bonito flakes (a handful x amount of serving)

For example, if you are going to make dashi for 4 serving of miso soup, you are going to need: somewhere around 600~720ml of water, 4 strip of konbu, and 4 handful amount of katsuobushi.

And then how to make the dashi:
1. Wipe konbu strip with a damp cloth to make it a little bit softer, and cut some slits on the konbu strips to help it release the flavor.
2. Put water and konbu strips into a pot, and then use a low heat.
3. When it’s about to be boiling, take out the konbu, and put the katsuobushi. And then bring it to boil.
4. When it’s finally boiling, turn off the heat.
5. Prepare a plastic container or a jug.
6. Over your preferable container, strain the dashi with filter.
7. Now your dashi stock is ready!

Now that you have your dashi, you can make miso soup, chawanmushi, oyakodon, and nikujaga (but without niku for me lol) with it.

If you are able to make a good dashi, congratulations, you thick the first check box of making Japanese food.

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