Polish-free manicure

I have this simple steps that I do to take care my nail. I think some people called it naked manicure. Basically it’s just following all the steps of regular manicure, but without applying polish / top coat / nail art on the last step.

The reason I’m not wearing nail polish actually purely a personal believe matter. I do heard about nail polish that let the water absorb through your nails and was labeled as *enter the label here*. But I don’t know, I think it’s just not worth the risk.

I’m able to wear nail polish in some specific time frame every month, but most of the time I actually just forget until I only have 2 days left. And at that time I think the effort was not equal with the time I would be able to enjoy my nail.

So I just pass (and then forget about it again next month, hehehe).

I believe there are some people in this world that is on the same demographic with me. If it’s you, I hope you could take something from this post!

1.Clip or file the nails

I always keep my nail shorts or at least in manageable length. If I let it grow pass the usual length, I basically invite myself for a disaster aka nail break. There are two ways to keep your nail length manageable, to clip it or to file it down. I prefer to clip it, as it was faster, and then file it down if needed.

2. Remove the cuticle

Cuticle is the dead skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail. You can gently remove it using a cuticle stick, or you can use a cuticle remover. Currently, I use the latter option. However, I try not to do it too often, as I think like it’s a little bit rough on my skin (I also wash it from my nail as soon as it gets the job done).

3. Buff the nail

We can get the shine for our nail using the nail buffer. The shine could last for around 2 days!

Extra: Hydrate your nail

Hydrating your nails with nail oils actually help to make it more flexible and less prone to break. You don’t have to use a fancy nail oil, but make sure to use one that could be absorbed rather quick. The best time to put nail oil is when you are about to go to bed, since you are not going to touch many things later.

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