I have a medium skin color, can I use Japanese liquid blush?

Having a medium skin color, sometimes Japanese cosmetics scares me in a sense of will-I-going-to-able-to-wear-it-or-not. When I first saw liquid blush in here, I was surprised. The color looks very pigmented!

But then, I keep coming back. I found myself questioning, “Maybe I can make it work…?”. And to answer the question, yes you can! You can make the Japanese liquid blush works for medium skin color.

Japanese liquid blush formula is like a water color paint. And they will blend really easy on your skin.

The trick to use Japanese liquid blush when you have a medium skin color:
1. Pick the brightest color that will suit your skin tone (make sure to know your skin tone before hand – mine is olive, which is cool tone with a little bit of warm)
2. Use it right after your foundation (so don’t set your face with powder yet). It’s will make you look like you had a beautiful healthy glow from inside.

This is the liquid blush that I use right now.

Addiction Beauty Cheek Polish – 04 Revenge

It’s from Addiction Beauty, and the color is 04 – Revenge. It’s a yellow-tone cherry red, which I think perfect for me. It looks like a color that will appear when I pinch my cheek.

Do you need a special tool to blend liquid blush? Some people use beauty sponge or brush to blend liquid blush, but you can actually use your finger to tap and blend the product.

Addiction liquid cheek polish before and after (blended with finger)

Besides the Addiction beauty, there are more brand that also carry liquid blush. I didn’t include tint, because I think tint (especially one with gel texture) is a bit harder to blend with foundation / base makeup. I like to wear liquid blush that is more to a drops of water color paint better!

Fun fact: here in japan, blush-on are more often called チーク (chi-ku, Japanese lexicon for “cheek”). So if you want to buy blush-on in here, look up on cheek product category!

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