Everyday Scents

Now that we spent more time at home, we are aware with our surroundings more than ever. And one of the things that we realize start to be matter is the scents that is lingering around us.

I think the most important way to get a rid of unpleasant scents is to let the air flow. So when you can, open the window. When the air was already circulated, you can start to use something to neutralized or override the scents.

When some unpleasant scents lingering to your clothes, there are few things you can do to solve the problem. You can simply hang the clothes and air it overnight. Or if you don’t have luxury of time, you can use deodorizer (I currently use ファブリーズ ダブル除菌. It smells like a hospital but I kinda like it).

Unfortunately if it’s a smells of cigarette, it will be more stubborn and the best way to get the rid of it is to wash it.

I’m not an avid user of fragrance in daily basis, but I do enjoy improving the scents that is lingering around me. To smells wonderful is never my goal (at least so far), but if I can put reasonable effort to smells pleasantly for my surroundings, why not.

I start to use fragrance from one that is barely a fragrance to one that is an actual fragrance. Here are some products that I enjoy to improving the scents around me:

  1. Classic from The Laundress

If I can point out one scents that I would like to use for the rest of my life, it will be The Laundress Fabric Fresh in Classic. To describe the scents, it’s smells like something between clean linen and a soap bar. The scents is very neutral, so I think everybody can use it.

Since it’s only a fabric refresher, it doesn’t stay or lingering around for a long time (It doesn’t have a staying power like a perfume). So far it doesn’t leave a stain. However, as it meant to be on fabric, please use it only on the fabric surface (do not use directly on the skin).

Besides fabric fresh they also have the scents in laundry detergent and fabric conditioner format.

2. The Scents of Shea butter product from L’Occitane

Shea scents are pretty sweet, nutty, and milky. I like one from L’Occitane since it’s smells pretty natural. Unfortunately, except for their Karité Bébé soft water fragrance ,which now discontinued, L’Occitane never really have dedicated fragrance/perfume for shea variant itself. And that make us have to resource from other product type than perfume such as body soap or body cream.

L’Occitane – Karité Bébé soft water fragrance

The scents itself are pretty neutral, but I think its lean more to feminine ambience. However, it’s not something that will make someone turn around if you are on the opposite gender. In fact I find that it’s pretty calming. So please feel free to enjoy it!

3. The Scents of Aesop Intensive Hydrating Body Balm

The scents of Aesop Intensive Hydrating Body Balm (previously Rejuvenate Hydrating Body Balm), is one of the most interesting scents I ever smells. If I could define it with three words, it will be sweet, warm, and smoky. I think it’s sweet but also masculine at the same time. I really like it and couldn’t stop smelling it sometimes. It was a combination of Tangerine rind, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Aesop Intensive Hydrating Body Balm

Unfortunately, just like shea scents on L’Occitane products, they also didn’t offer this scents in other format but body balm. I have been going over all the Aesop fragrance and essential oil together with Aesop staff to find something similar, but unfortunately every product seems to have it’s own characteristics and we couldn’t figure it out something that is remotely close.

I guess I have to be happy with the body balm lol.

(But Aesop, if you read this article, could you….?)

4. Aesop Istros Aromatique room spray

I learn that you can’t really open your window for too long in winter, and this is when room spray come in handy. We all have to be stay home due to some unfortunate reasons that we all hopes will be end soon, and I have to put my (surviving) cooking skills to a good use. I’m happy that I learn to cook a lot during this time, but since I mainly cook fish as a main dishes, the leftover odor sometimes unbearable and has to be over ride with room spray.

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