📚 How do I learn Japanese

If you are thinking to learn Japanese, but probably don’t have financial source to actually attend a class, or you know, might have to pay something more important at the moment, here is some tips that I want to share.

1. Just learn how to read kanji right away.

Go to the hard stuff right away. If you can cover the kanji, you will also able to get the hiragana, katakana, and translation at the same time. It’s also beneficial as you are able to build your vocabulary.

Book that I recommenced: BASIC KANJI BOOK ―基本漢字500― VOL.1(第2版)

2. Go for a book that has more reading material.

With actual reading material, for example, an actual example paragraph of an article, you will be able to identify grammar, logical structure, and get overall idea at the same time.

Book that I recommend: Basic Kanji book that I recommended above actually had a pretty good amount of reading material, so go with that one.

3. Identify the best passive learning method that works for you.

For me, listening to a youtube video (in podcast style), works the best as a passive study method. I use youtube with my phone, simply because it’s more convenient and less distracting. I do have a paid subscription as I want to utilize their ads free and minimize function. I keep the video playing as my background sound whenever I didn’t feel like listening to the music.

Channel that I recommend: https://youtube.com/c/JpLaunch. They are streamlining everything you need to know and do not pick-and-choose.


I do believe in learning, and I do believe anyone can learn in anyway. Learning in a formal class of course has many incomparable benefit. But sometimes you should make the most no matter what the circumstances are. Utilizing books and internet are my favorite way of learning when it’s not possible for me to attend a class!

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