Here’s my PMS brain wants to take over.

If you feel a little bit scared right now with the future, please do not worry. Everybody probably going through something nowadays. Some people are weak, some people are strong, and some people are something in between.

Especially if you are something in between. Welcome to the club, here, have a seat, let me get you a cup of tea.

Sometimes you can feel both nothing and everything at the same time, and that’s okay. That’s very human. Sometimes you can have something done in 30 minutes and sometimes you spend hours for doing something. The latter probably something you could improve, but it’s still good. There’s no time waste if you are able to take home something to learn. And sometimes it’s also including what not to do.

If you are sad today, I want you to breathe a little bit. Those shoulder probably carry some invisible weight no one able to see.

Have a seat, have a tea, and take a breath.

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