Inexpensive lip care product in Japan

Every since I moved here, the first thing that I check on my phone besides what time is it, is how is the weather outside. Is it cold, is it sunny, is it cloudy, and so on. Recently, the weather apps has give warning / advisory about dry air.

When the air is dry, the very first thing that I will notice is, my lips will be chapped. And not only it’s looking ugly, but it also feel uncomfortable.

In a normal kind of weather, if my lips is chapped, it’s a sign that my overall (face) skin is dry. And usually the problem will be solved if I moisturizer my face accordingly (Usually if my skin feels dry I will put more moisturizer than usual). However, with dry air, it’s a different situation. My lips will be chapped no matter what, and I will need some external help.

Things to help your chapped lips during this dry air weather:

  • Drink plenty of fluid. You can drink water or maybe have some soup together with your meal. I avoid sugary drink when it’s cold as it will make me pee a lot and it will be a wasting the fluid that I take on the first place.
  • Gently get a rid of the dead skin on your lips with lip scrub before putting lip care products on your lips. You can also brush your lips gently with toothbrush while you are also brushing your teeth, but please remember to do it very very very gently and with no pressure so it will not rip your lips skin.
  • Use lip care product, especially at night (before bed). I like to use lip cream. However, I also have chapstick in my portable makeup kit since it’s more practical for when I was mobile / outside.
  • If you can, try to avoid drying lip color products. Or this is my trick if I want to avoid chapped lips but still want to wear a drying liquid lipstick: Before I wear makeup, I will use skincare first. And before applying my skincare, I will put lip care product first. After putting my lip product, I will do my skincare, followed with makeup. And then when it’s time to put some lipstick, I will get some tissue first, put it on my lips, and tap the excess of my lip care products to the tissue (But do it gently as you may didn’t want tissue to stuck on your lips). And voila, you get a nice fresh canvas to put a lipstick on.

There are some products in the drugstore and (one in selected retailers) that I think is perform good enough, accessible, and maybe wallet friendly for taking care our lips in this dry weather without the hassle of diy.

Disclaimer: None of this product I mentioned below / in this article is either sponsoring or affiliated with me in anyway shape or perform.

  1. Revlon Kiss Sugar Scrub (814円 + tax)

A lip scrub to exfoliate dead skin on the lips. Also moisturizing at the same time. I actually a little bit surprised that this product was accepted really well since physical scrub is not a big thing in here. Available in almost all of the drugstore.

2. Opera Lip Tint N (1,650円 + tax)

A lip oil in a solid format that has a tint of color that will develop overtime. Can be applied easily without seeing mirror. This product is very popular in Japan. Since it has a little bit of color, it will be nice to wear it for daytime. Available in some drugstore.

3. Curel Lip Care Balm (935円 + tax)

A lip cream that will protect your lips from dryness. Curel is known for a good performance of their moisturizing product. Available in almost all of the drugstore.

4. Nivea Deep Moisturizer Lip Unscented (685円 + tax)

A classic nivea lip balm will never go wrong! Available in almost all of the drugstore.

5. Kiehl’s Lip Balm (1,210円 + tax)

Kiehl’s lip balm actually works really good! I like to wear it before bed in a plenty amount like a lip mask. Available in Kiehl’s store or some selected retailers.

That’s all for today. Drink your water and don’t forget to wear your lip care product, okay?

Best regards,


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