Hello, it’s Airin again.

Today is the first Monday of 2021. It’s not an easy Monday for some reason.

But I think many people might also experience what I currently feeling right now.

So maybe if you are feeling sad today, and then blog walking or doing some google dive to get off a little bit from your own mind,

And for some reason found my blog, I just want to say:

Thank you for being strong today.

Thank you for putting up with today’s problem.

You are one of the reason why the world will be a better place tomorrow.

The person that you are going to be tomorrow will be thankful for what you have been going through today. Great strength wasn’t an overnight result, and everyday your are one step closer to what you want to be.

Thank you for giving what you are able to give today,

And even more thank you for those who push their self beyond their limit today.

I hope this short post could bring a little bit relief to you. And I pray better days will come for us.

Let’s see today as positive as possible!

Best regards,


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