@COSME Best Cosme Award 2020

If you live in Japan or have visiting Japan before, you might know about @COSME. It is a website where we can find a lot of beauty product review. Skincare and Makeup are the most popular category, but you can easily find any female-product-related review at @Cosme. You may also recognize their existence by sticker that usually attach on a packaging of a product at the drugstore or cosmetic store. Usually it will said @cosme ベストコスメアワド followed by the year when the product win the award.

I do check @Cosme website pretty often, usually to see product ranking (for example what mascara that is hype right now), or if I want to buy some product and want to see what other think about it. You can don’t need account to read review, but you are going to need one if you want to post a review. All product review is in Japanese so far.

Every end of the year, @Cosme will release the list of their best product of the year according to their user. And this year, Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum (ランコム ジェニフィック アドバンスト N) is on the first position! I actually didn’t see it coming.

I heard good things about Lancôme skincare product once when one of my local beauty blogger mention their essence on one of her video, but just that, so I feel surprised. I do remember paying a visit to their website once. I think they have so many interesting offer on how they bundle their products. They also carry a lot of minis, so maybe if you are a first timer or low commitment customer you can purchase products without worrying too much.

According to Lancôme’s Japan site, they have two size of products for their Advanced Génifique serum; 30ml (¥11,000) and 50ml (¥15,400). You can buy it with regular purchase or subscription system (subscription only offered for the 50ml one).

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