My favorite Japanese sheet mask

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It is currently summer in Tokyo and the weather is really hot. We are still in the pandemic situation and most of us in Tokyo, except for those whose working in service industry, was working from home.

Today, I would like to review a few Japanese sheet mask that I love.

In Japan, there are sheet mask and mask/pack. Sheet mask are a non-woven fabric, cut in a circle with hole for your eyes and mouth that will pretty much cover your face, drenched in serum. Sheet mask are mostly a treatment that meant to be absorbed by the skin, although there are also sheet mask that is meant to be purifying your skin. Meanwhile mask/pack is a thicker consistency of gel or cream that is more powerful than your regular moisturizer (for example: Oyasumi Balancing Mask from Elixir, which is an overnight mask). Not like sheet mask, there are also pack that is meant for cleansing (for example: clay pack, for clean up your pores).

Sheet mask in general are pretty affordable and there are lots of options in terms of benefit or ingredients. You can buy sheet mask in various amount. You can buy a single sheet mask, a box of five, a package of seven, and a package of 30. The price could vary from ¥130 to ¥3,300 per pieces (I kid you not). My favorite way to buy sheet mask is in a box of 5, or in a package of seven. I think it gives me a lower price than buying one single sheet every time, but still quick enough to finished.

I like to use sheet mask every 3 or 4 days as a treat. I used to use sheet mask every single day, but then it causing so much trash, so I try to slow it down. What I’m looking from a sheet mask is a benefit that they offer. So many sheet mask are good for a boost of moisture, but there are a few that could bring noticeable differences on your skin. And here it is!

my favorite japanese sheet mask: Hadabisei Acne Care facial mask, Barrier Repair Facial Mask Moist, Barrier Repair Facial Mask Smooth
My favorite Japanese sheet mask!
  1. Hadabisei Acne Care facial mask(肌美精 うるおい浸透マスク アクネ)
Hadabisei Acne Care facial mask

This is a sheet mask that will slow down the growth of your adult acne. Before I find vioteras C serum, I use this mask to help me with my adult acne problem. The acne usually will deflated a bit after I use this mask. When I still use sheet mask everyday, I will use this sheet mask on daily basis and my acne usually will be gone for around one week. The other effect that I feel immediately after using this sheet mask is my skin feel smoother. For the brightening effect, I don’t see it very much, but it might be because I’m pretty much tan so it’s hard to recognize the difference. This sheet mask contains apple extract, Coix seed extract, pearl extract, peony extract, CHD, glycyrrhizin 2K, vitamin C derivative, benifuki tea, moisturizing agent, and tartaric acid.

What I like about this sheet mask besides the product benefit is, it’s lighter in the amount of serum so you don’t have to worried about the serum dripping everywhere. This product contain 17ml serum.

This product comes in a box of 5, price is ¥690 before tax.

You can find more info about the product in here:

2. Barrier Repair Facial Mask Smooth(バリアリペア シートマスク なめらか

Barrier Repair Facial Mask Smooth
Barrier Repair Facial Mask Smooth

After dealing with my acne, I need something for fix my skin texture. And after a little research, I decided to try this sheet mask.

Mostly because there’s a baby picture on the packaging and I want my skin to be as smooth as the baby.

Anyway, the sheet mask bring result as they promise. My skin are as smoooooooooooth as a baby’s skin and I like it. This sheet mask contain Glycerylamidoethyl methacrylate / stearyl methacrylate copolymer. In contrast with hadabise acne care facial mask that has light amount of serum, this sheet mask is on the gloopy side. The serum are thick and even after you take out the sheet mask, there are still a lot of serum left on the packaging. I usually will keep the leftover serum in a ziplock and use it for the next day.

This product contain 17ml serum. Comes in a box of 5, price is ¥698 before tax.

More info for this product:

3. Barrier Repair Facial Mask Moist(バリアリペア シートマスク しっとり

Barrier Repair Facial Mask Moist
Barrier Repair Facial Mask Moist

I bought this sheet mask at the same time I bought the smooth version because why not. It is also bring the result as their promise and I’m pretty satisfied. My skin became so moist and it’s bouncing like a mochi! They didn’t highlight any special ingredients but ‘Moisturizer with ingredients and structure similar to vernix (hydroxylated lecithin, others)’.

Maybe it’s their secret recipe?

Anyway, this product contain a generous 27ml serum. Just like the previous product, I will keep the leftover in ziplock and use the serum later.

This product comes in a box of 5, price is ¥698 before tax.

More info for this product:

Nb: When it comes to Japanese sheet mask, the first brand that comes into your mind usually are lulululun. I like lulululun, however, it doesn’t do anything but moisturize my skin, which is still a good thing if that’s the benefit you are looking for. But for me, I’m looking for something more, therefore I branching out. With that note, if I need to pick up a lulululun mask, I will pick the blue or pink one! It also make a good omiyage incase you need one.

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