My biggest skincare mistake

There is one thing that I never really pay attention on my skincare routine, which I found out later could be one of the biggest mistake if you want to take care your skin seriously.

I never wear sunscreen.

I think the core of my thoughts is because one day when I’m still a little teenager, my Mom and I was watching Oprah. At some point of that episode, Oprah and her friend said that people of color, didn’t need to wear sunscreen. At that time, it was makes sense for me because I’m pretty tan and didn’t get sunburn so easy. However, even though I didn’t wear sunscreen for my face (also body), I always wear moisturizer and two-way cake powder (like a two-in-one foundation+powder) for my face. Technically my face never really bare, there’s always a thin layer of make up. And then on that two-way cake powder, there is a little bit SPF right there. So I think the combination of never leaving house completely bare face + a little bit SPF on the makeup product, help my face skin survive all this time when I didn’t wear sunscreen.

The time when I was made aware about sunscreen again, it’s when the Korean skincare routine starting to be popular. A lot of brand start having sunscreen on their regimen. I still have no interest in sunscreen somehow.

And then I go to back and forth to Japan a little bit and everyone said that Biore Aqua Rich Sunscreen is one of the must-have drugstore beauty product. So I bought it. I open the packaging, and already feel the horror since I can smell the fragrance right away. I was like, okay, this might be not good. But I want to give it a try, so I’m starting to use it. And as I predict, there are some small bumps appears on my cheek, and I’m saying goodbye to that product.

My second attempt to try sunscreen product is with hada labo sunscreen (I forget the exact product and seems like it’s not available anymore). I use hada labo product when I was in uni, so I think maybe it will works better on my skin. Long story short, it’s not. Small bumps also appears on my skin surface immediately.

My third attempt trying to involve sunscreen in my skincare routine is with Shiseido sunmedic sunscreen. I randomly browse product at a drugstore close to my house, found this product, read that this product are paraben-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, colorant-free, mineral oil-free, and decided to get it. I hate the white cast that appear when I apply this product, but considering there’s no immediate reaction, I decided to use it. The problem that usually appear when you are introduce a new product on your skincare routine is, you tend to forget that you need to apply it. And it happens a few times. I will go straight from moisturizer to base make up, and then half way blending my foundation, I realize that I haven’t put my sunscreen on.

I love shiseido sunmedic sunscreen so far. I didn’t develop any reaction, and it seems protects my skin. I’m not really experienced in sunscreen department so I don’t really recognize the difference. But I also didn’t get sunburn easily so that’s probably why. When I finished this product, I didn’t continue to use it.

And then a few months later, I read a twitter post from a youtuber that I watch. In short, she explain that here in Japan, UV rays are starting to get higher because we are approaching summer, so don’t forget to wear your sunscreen. It opens my mind, and I decided okay maybe I should start wearing sunscreen again.

With that, I start looking for a new sunscreen. This time I want to buy something nicer so it will motivate me to use the sunscreen more often. So I do my research. I start from the Aesop, because why not. They have a face lotion with sunscreen in it, called Protective Facial Lotion SPF25 (プロテクティブ フェイシャル ローションSPF25). Price is reasonable, but my biggest problem is that it’s only SPF25. I heard that SPF above 30 is not really necessary. But you know, I want my money worth lol.

And then I look up on la mer (I also questioning myself why lol). I found out that they have a sunscreen called The SPF50 UV Protecting Fluid PA+++. And the price was… ¥12,100 with tax.

I zoned out for 20 seconds and thinking, with that price tag, it better comes with someone holding umbrella under the sun.

And then I try to look up on Shisedo. A few years ago I saw Eva Chen use the stick version on her kids, hence I was having the thoughts of buying this product. Also they had some wet force technology that I think will be beneficial for summer.

I decided to buy the shiseido one, but when I check on the website, they have some new product. So I go to Seibu and give it a try. The product that I have know for a while is UV Perfect Protector, and then the new one is The Perfect Protector. The UV Perfect Protector one has a white base lotion. It absorb quickly, not leaving white cast, and also not feeling sticky on the skin. Meanwhile for The Perfect Protector, the lotion has a little peachy color on it. It is also not leaving the white cast, but it’s absorb a little bit longer than the UV Perfect Protector one, but somehow feels moisturizing. What makes these two products different are, the latter one, which is the newest version, had HeatForce technology in addition of the existing WetForce technology. And this combination called SynchroShield. So when the heat raise up, it strength up the protection.

The Seibu staff was asking when I want to wear the sunscreen, and I told her I want to wear it before make up. And she recommend the Perfect Protector one.

After thinking a little bit, I choose The Perfect Protector. It was ¥5,170. I also got ultimune essence, softener, and eye treatment sample because they saw my shopping history.

Welcome home!

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