Vioteras C Serum review

Let me start this article with a disclaimer that you don’t have to pressure yourself to have a clear bright skin if the thoughts of having a clear bright skin comes from the public or social expectations. You are beautiful with the skin you are born with and your skin color or condition should not define you as a person. My approach to this matter is more to maintain the health of what you already have as an implementing acts to be grateful of what you have been given, instead to change what you are born with.

With that, let’s review this product!

I always actively looking for new skincare product for fun, mostly on instagram. Interestingly enough, I was made aware of this product from an instagram story of a fashion influencer, not the skincare one. A few clicks later, this product make its way to come to my attention. It’s called Vioteras C Serum, or ヴィオテラス Cセラム in Japanese. It has a green bottle that looks really cute (at least for me because I like green lol). I was attracted the most to their promotional video where they put a few drops of this product in some kind of pigmented water (?) and after they stir it a little bit, and somehow it dilutes the color and then the water became clear.


I remember I didn’t buy the product right away because at first I think it’s too good to be true. Like it’s so perfect it’s almost impossible. I also have a thought that most of their current customer have a fair skin so their skin pigmentation problem might be not that bad/obvious. I had a tan skin, so once I got acne (hello, hormone), the pigmentations problem that appear later usually really obvious.

However, the thought of buying this product was still sitting on the corner of my mind. I was thinking, maybe it’s not harmful to give it a try. My skin was in a pretty healthy condition, but when it comes to that time of the month, it’s like a hormone festival on my face. And it might be has to do with my age, but to get a rid of the acne scars is now harder than before.

So with that reason I mentioned above, I justified buying this product. Vioteras C serum, come to me! I keep low expectations in my mind, just in case. Make my purchase (on their site), and it arrived at my door step a few days later.

At the time this photo was taken, this product has been use up a little bit!

The product comes in a small white box that has an insert. It use a glass bottle, I think? I’m not really sure, but I think it will break into pieces if you try to drop it. It has dropper with rubber cap as a device to transfer the product, which most of reviewers highlight as ‘a good way to keep the product stay sanitary’. Product content is 20ml.

What surprised me the most when I try this product is how liquid-y it is. Almost like water. It’s like SK-II FTE but slightly thicker. I have a little thoughts in mind that it will be a clear gel like Kiehl’s clearly corrective dark spot solution because I think they have similar function.

So I clean my face, put some toner and essence, and try this product. I use it after essence and before serum. So SK-II FTE, this product, and then shiseido ultimune. At the first day, I only use 3 drops to introduce the product into my skin. And then the next day when I check my face, there is a little bit purging. But at the same time I try this product, I actually also trying tamanu oil, and I think it’s more of tamanu oil that cause the purging (because it has a very perfumy-scent and my skin can’t take that). So I discharged tamanu oil and continue with this product. I use three drops every night until the third day. And then after that I use five drops every night.

I actually pretty happy with the result. On the third day I see some of my dark spot was fading. And when I improve the dosage, it gradually stop my chin acne. Moisture was also improved, and skin was not looking dull.

I am now on the third weeks using this product and my skin condition, acne-wise, was improved a lot. What I recognized the most is, this product has tone down my acne growth. There are still a few acnes that is a little bit stubborn on my face, but for the rest of them, it looks tamed! I think I will continue using it!

I was curious about the ingredients so I look up on the internet. The main ingredients is vitamin C, which is comes from Amitose 3GA and APPS. The first one is mainly for anti oxidant which help in anti-aging, and the latter is good for anti-aging, brightening, and anti-acne. And then there is Q10 enzyme that is also anti-oxidant. So I think in short, this product is a rich vitamin C serum that is help to repair your damaged skin cells quickly because of its anti-oxidant property.

One negative point that I found for this product is you have to consume this product immediately since the product will oxidize a month after you open it. I understand that vitamin C, which is a main ingredients of this product, oxidize quickly. But how am I going to finish this product in a month? My shiseido ultimune was 15ml, I use it day and night, and I still have one third of the bottle after almost two months lol.

Pricing scheme is okay, I think, but so-so okay. The main pricing scheme that they push at the time I decided to purchase this product is subscription model. You got trial price for the first time with the very low price point which is ¥2,980+tax, and then on the second month you got 20% discount, if I’m not mistaken. We’ll see my next month bill lol. The original product price without subscription promo is ¥7,980+tax. And since it needs to be used up within a month, if I think about it, it’s a burden. Without discount applied, I might be thinking longer to make my first move.

I purchase the product directly from their site . The site currently only available in Japanese.

Maybe I will continue using the product until I totally get a rid of all of my acne, and then looking for something that is more makes sense in pricing scheme to maintain the result. I like the product so far, but too bad ¥7,980 for a month worth of product is a little bit a pricey for me. We’ll see about that.

They also had another product like lotion and gel cream, if you want a lower commitment start (since serum goes deep into your skin).

Hope you find this article useful!

Best regards,

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