Three basic luxury skincare product that worth the splurge

Hello, it’s airin here.

Today, I would like to introduce you the basic-but-necessary skincare that (in my opinion) works well together and worth the high price tag.

My current skin condition is normal but oily in T-zone, and I have redness + big pores on my nose. I used to have an oily skin, but then I moved to a place where it’s pretty much drier. My skin condition shifting to be normal since that, but the oily part on the T-zone area still remain somehow.

Here are the products:

  1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

I remember that I think a lot before I bought this product. I try to figure it out (1) what is this product and (2) what is the difference with toner and lotion. I have heard about SK-II before and how expensive it is, but never really interesting until last year when I learn about Japanese skincare routine and start learning about ‘skin softener’. After a few hours of research, I found out that this is like serum, but in a watery consistency.

I purchased this product at Donquijote Shibuya, and pick the smallest itsy-bitsy size that I could find (75ml and it’s still around ¥7,500+tax).

My personal experience with the product so far is pretty good. I didn’t developed any acne and didn’t detect any allergic reaction. I only use 3 drops every night because I want a bottle of product last as long as possible. But somehow I didn’t see any important result without following with product number 2 right after.

2. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

If you only want to invest in one luxury skincare product, this is it.

The first time I got introduced to this product is by sample that I got from purchasing another Shiseido product. I bought their SynchroSync cushion foundation and then get this product sample. I remember trying the product immediately and my skin feels better the next morning. It locks the moisture in and improves my skin texture. When I finished the sample, I know I have to buy this product. So I went to Seibu, purchase the product, and basically kiss my bank account goodbye.

It was soooooooooooooo expensive I remember I didn’t want to see calculator the Shiseido staff use to show me the price.

But yeah, it was worth the price though. But I think, it will be better if you make a projection budget and save a few weeks prior. Because even though it’s a very nice product and purchasing one will improve your skin condition, we still have to be a responsible adult with our expenses.

When I combine this product with SK-II FTE, it locks the moisture even more. So these two are really nice base product that goes well together. I can feel that my skin are more bouncy after using this product together.

At that time I bought the 30ml version, which is cost me ¥8,800 (including the tax). I got the chance to buy the 15ml version at watashi plus for ¥4,400 which is a very good value I think, but I check it right now and seems like that size not available anymore.

3. Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Hydrating Cream

This is a product that I bounced back after decided to try some cheaper alternative. I finished a jar and was happy with the result the cream has gave me. My first jar of this product was a gift, and I have a really hard time deciding if i should buy it myself since this product was expensive. I was thinking maybe if I stay within the brand, I will still get the same result. So I switch to their Camellia Nut Hydrating Facial Cream. And then after a few weeks using the Camellia Nut, my face start to producing more oil and become more greasy.

And then with that, I’m back to the Parsley Seed cream. It’s a really nice moisturizer, makes your skin soft and supple. It was ¥8,470 though. The additional nice thing about this product, you only need a pea size, so a jar could last pretty long. You can also come to Aesop and ask for sample if you want to give it a try first, Aesop is pretty generous with their sample.


These three product I mentioned above are really beneficial for me in order to moisturizing my skin in the right amount that my skin needed. I still use another product for supplementary skin nutrition like vitamin c serum or eye cream, but I have discovered that these product are the base line that is irreplaceable. I don’t really think too much about the anti-aging benefit that these product offer, as I think doing a good skincare routine continuously/consistently will prevent you from the aging itself.

For the cheap product that I use to make up the splurge, I use oil cleanser and facial wash from Muji (from their moisture line) and drugstore brand sheet mask (usually lulululun, hadabisei, or barrier repair).

Even though this is a positive product review, I encourage you to think wisely before buying the product I have recommended. I always think that we can buy all the skincare we need, as long as we budget it. I also learn that if we already find the product that is suitable with our skin, to save money prior to the purchase is always a good idea!

I currently live in Japan, hence the product price are in yen, but I think you can find these product pretty much worldwide. I hope this review will be useful for you!


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